COCULA (Menu Re-Design)

Cocula's food is wonderful and it deserves a menu that reflects how good it really is. In the process of creating a memorable new brand look, we were able to organize the items, correct misspellings, consult on pricing, and we contacted Cocula's state health inspector to assure that legal considerations about foodborne illness warnings were correct. Customers are raving about the new menus!

Drink & Dessert Menu

Lunch Menu

Lunch Punch Card

Full Menu

LA BAMBA BURRITO EXPRESS (Website • Social Media)

This small local Mexican dine-in/take-out restaurant was in bad need of a web presence to gain exposure and to help increase foot traffic to the restaurant, as well as to their Tienda Mexicana (Mexican grocery store). We created a La Bamba Email Club to inform loyal customers of news and promotions while we also maintain their site and use Facebook & Twitter to promote daily specials and more.




SHONEY'S (Spec Website Landing Page • Television)

T-bone steaks for half-price was the latest promotion for our client. We executed  a web promotion as a landing page on their website. We also produced a local television commercial to support the effort. It was a beefy success.

SUBWAY (Spec Website Landing Page • Television)

Local Chicago Subway restaurants asked us to create a promotional tie in between NFL football on TV and Subway sandwiches. Can't beat BOGO. We also produced several branded TV spots on an extremely tight budget.

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