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BLUE RIDGE HEMP CO. (Package Design)

CBD-infused products are still considered by some as outside the lines because of hemp's association with an illicit substance that only recently is being recognized as having medicinal properties. Blue Ridge Hemp Co. is on the forefront of offering relief and comfort through balms, oils and lotions, each infused with CBD – the substance in hemp that offers relief for people with certain types of physical pain. Products such as this bold, pioneering line deserve a modern, respectable look that gives a strong nod to the very real science behind them.


(Award-Winning Package Design)
(Logo Design & Corporate Identity
• Print Ads & Brochures • Package Design • Social Media)


This wine-inspired line of beauty products needed a new look. Lovers of wine, we gladly accepted the assignment and created a look to match the quality of these products, which contain the good stuff in wine. The result? Increased sales and expanded product line.



This gourmet turkey jerky, handcrafted in California, had to stand out in drinking establishments with dim lighting. Four flavors, each deserving of a chance to be chosen, asked for modern, tasty colors for their packaging. They got it. Yum!


KLEEN'YASS SOAP COMPANY (Package Design • Sales Brochure • Social Media)

(Award-Winning Package Design)

This certified organic soap has a sense of humor. With flavors such as Lavatorious Lavender and Poopermint, washing your bum is always entertainment with a good clean ending. The seriousness of a scripty font underlies the irony of a soap with a name like this.

RD'S HOT SAUCE (Corporate Identity • Package Design • Social Media)

The sun is hot and so is this sauce. Two flavors made with habanero peppers that finish strong with flare and taste required labels to stand out among the hoards of competitive sauces out there. Clean, simple and sunny – When you're hot, you're hot.

BOOK OF POOEMS (Book Cover/Interior Design)

We were thrilled to be able to channel our inner third grader while working on this project. The outcome was an amusing collection of potty-mouthed humor.

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